SEO vs art Part 1: Keywords

SEO vs art Part 1: Keywords

What is SEO vs Art?

In SEO vs Art Part 1, I will explore one of the few areas of SEO you must do yourself as a business: building a keyword strategy. This is definitely one of the first aspects of SEO I always consider because it can really influence the audience reach for your creative business.

As you might know already, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the process of optimizing your website so that search engines can fully understand the information provided, granting your site a higher position on the ORGANIC search section.

Note that the organic search section gets over 60% of all clicks and IT'S FREE, however, this result is only valid for first-page search results. Why? Well, just think of yourself, when performing an internet search, do you ever look further than the first page on Google? Hardly ever. And this is why achieving that first page, and place yourself as high as possible on that page is so important, so your business is accessible to more potential clients.

SEO and Keywords

Let's start from scratch, so place yourself on your favourite search engine and think: what do I want to find? 'Art galleries in Madrid', for example? Go ahead, type it! See? That, my friend, is a keyword. Every time you perform a search, you use certain words, and those words are known in the Digital Marketing world as Keywords.

You need to find the terms potential clients might be using to find businesses such as yours -also known as competitors. Now you might be thinking OK, but clients can search the name of my business, that will lead them straight to me, and on the first page. Yep, that's right. But just take a moment to consider: will all potential art investors all over the internet search your name? ... Don't think so. If you are an art gallery in Asturias for example, people should find you by: "art gallery in Asturias" "contemporary art Asturias" or "buy art Asturias".

The possibilities are endless, but some keywords are more used than others, fortunately, there are a number of apps you can use to help you find the most popular Keywords related to the ones you chose, and your business type. For example Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Tool (Free). Note that more popular keywords will encounter higher competition, hence it might get harder to achieve that first page if you use them.

Keyword strategies for art

Right, let's get hands on then!

First, compile a list of the terms your potential clients might use to find you as well as the ones you would like to appear under. Don't rush this process, make sure you find the right keywords for your business, so spend time with your co-workers, discuss the terms you all use when referring to your gallery and artists.

Also, do remember that each page is a different part of the puzzle, so you can use different keywords on different pages depending on your SEO strategy. Say you have independent pages for each of your artists, for example, so you want to focus on that particular artist's name, hence when collectors search for their work, your gallery will appear. There are endless possibilities and strategies, you just need to find what works for you 😉

Seat down and start plotting, have fun Keywording!