Social Media Marketing for art

Social Media Marketing for art

Impressions, reach and interactions, do you know the difference?

Although they can come across as confusing, impressions, reach and interactions are very simple to understand. Such concepts need to be clear for any successful Social Media Marketing Campaign for art:

Impressions are the actual times your ad is displayed, regardless of whether it is clicked on or not.

Reach is the number of people who actually click on your Ad and view it.

Interactions are actions taken within your ad: likes, comments, shares, clicks on a link, playing a video…

We are ready now to take on the next most important aspect of a Social Media Campaign: selecting a target audience.

Social Media Marketing and your target audience:

In digital marketing, you can almost pinpoint who your Ad will be displayed. Measuring results can be as easy Ad downloading a file and there are many ways to find out if your results are accurate. If you use your Analytics well, it can give you a precise overview of your strengths and weaknesses as a business. In the art world, your audience might not be extremely large in general, but it can be easily narrowed down to collectors.

Within the digital world, you will likely pay per click or impression, so you need to ensure your target audience is the right one to serve your campaign purpose, moreover, you can then adjust your budget as much as possible

Target audience: Location, age, gender and interests

I am using Facebook Ads as an example as it is one of the most popular platforms, There are some other aspects you need to consider when planning a Social Media Marketing for art campaign on Facebook:

1 Custom Audiences: Here you can save an audience for future Ads, use or edit a preexisting one.

2 Location: Facebook Ads allows you to delimit your audience by the location and radius in km you wish to reach. You can either use one location or multiple, it's your very choice. This feature can be extremely useful not only concerning local events or exhibitions but also to advertise your attendance for art fairs. You can be based in Spain and set up a Facebook Ad for Art Dubai running for a week before your arrival.

3 Estimated Reach: As mentioned earlier, a small budget can get you a long way, and it plays a crucial role. Making a good combination of budget and target audience you can reach a few thousand people. You can set up a daily budget or a total one for the whole duration of the campaign. Moreover, Ads can be stopped at any time. Here you can see your potential audience. This is the number of people that Facebook estimates can reach with your established parameters.

4 Estimated Reach: The number of users Facebook estimates your Ad will reach daily.

5 Age gap, gender and interests: As mentioned you can limit your audience in many areas. One very useful one is age. What is the average age, gender and interest of an art collector? Use your knowledge to narrow your audience here.

Hope this helps you get started with your Social Media Marketing for art campaigns today! 🙂