Little Bears

LITTLE BEARS is a company of Anglo-Saxon origin dedicated to the organization of events for children. The company is currently based in Dubai although it will open its doors in Marbella in the near future. This is a very fun and versatile project in which I am having the opportunity to participate, where I am finally freeing my creativity. Being a project for the little ones, bright colours and the fun are paramount, and I must say that am enjoying it like a child myself!

As a designer and illustrator, I have been asked to make a series of designs that convey how much fun children’s parties are while reflecting on a particular social group of parents that would be interested in hiring this service, and can be used as part of the corporate website as well as possible merchandise items like T-shirts, cups, wrapping paper, etc. The designs had to be fund and colourful yet elegant and sleek.

Although my work here is still underway,it is based on creating a corporate image and all related graphic design and layout. I am also working as a Digital Marketing consultant for them advising them about their website, domain, marketing strategy, website management, etc.

Merchandising mock-up